Boxy Coin is an open source crypto-currency project
At Boxy, our passion is building sustainable blockchain solutions. The project's next phase is bringing decentralized identity creation and management to the WAX blockchain.
In this age, user's personal data is being hoarded, hacked, and held for ransom. There is no control over what data is stored and accessible by web users. This reality can be changed using Decentralized Identity concepts and Verified credentials. More importantly, making these tools accessible to all users of the WAX blockchain.
Web3 users should not only control, but profit from their digital identities! Boxy is here to provide decentralized identity services to WAX blockchain end-users.


  • Sustainability ~ Empowering self-sovereign identity
  • Scalability ~ Built for today, prepared for tomorrow
  • Compliance ~ Developed with the latest Web3.0 protocols and standards
  • Security ~ Open source and blockchain backed
  • Interoperability ~ Drops into existing WAX ecosystem

What's the Plan?

August 2023
Community Preparation & Outreach Fundraising
Finalize Development Plan
September 2023
NFT Badge Swap Event
Custom WAX Account
Name Reservations Launch decentralized identity service provider
October 2023
Decentralized ID Beta Launch
Developer Tool Release
Token Utility Upgrades
Q4 2023
Decentralized ID Beta Testing Give-aways Partnerships Boxy PFP Whitelisted Launch
Q1 2024
User Portal for D.I.D Management Boxy PFP Public Launch

A New Standard

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