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Identity Badges

What are Badges?

Badges manage privileged access to decentralized systems. Badges are Non-fungible tokens (transferable or non-transferable) minted on the WAX blockchain.
  • Blank Badges - Used to create a new authenticated (Auth), ranked, or trophy badge for an account.
  • Auth Badges - Gives the owner privileged access to a system.
  • Rank Badges - Marks a user's rank within an Auth Badge class.
  • Trophy/Award Badges - Signifies accomplishment in a system.

Why do I want Badges?

  • Security
  • Become a Web3 citizen

How do I get Badges?

  • Mint blank badges using BOXY Token
  • Blend existing boxycoinnfts for blank badges
  • Join a group
Last modified 3mo ago